Again, when I find time to draw, here is my model: my litle boy !Young child

A watercolour

Again my son, my little baby, is inspiring my drawing painting :-P

I have dared watercolouring, I have dared paintbrushing...

The result is promising for the coming years :-) 

Aquarelle bebe

(Slow) Come back!

It is hard to get back my artist life for I am starting my new life of being a mum!

Anyway, I am slowly coming back to it!


My baby!

Artist and maternity

How quiet has been my blog since a long time! My artist life has unfortunately been momentarily put in the background. It's not easy to draw while expecting. I can hardly stay in place, every position is uncomfortable: I can not draw under that conditions. Incertain Only few months before it ends!


Special order

Below my last artwork: a special order from a forum-friend! Clic on the picture to follow the link. Do not hesitate to let me know what you think about.bebe-ange-c.jpg


You may have noticed my ecards section? They deal with themathic comics that you can send to your contacts. For an improvement purpose, do not hesitate to let me know about your ideas or suggestions. 

If you would like to see a particular theme, you can post me a comment below this blog's ticket or by filling in the contact form. I will create the comic picture for free and post it as soon as possible on my website.

Thank you all for visiting my website!

AS Blog start!

Hello everyone, 

The young artist I am is opening its blog!  For this occasion, I start learning the watercolours technic: below you can see my first trial!

I do not know yet if I will go on this painting way...I am so used to my lead pencils!